Phillip Corrigan


Written Memory


May 7, 2012


I was on top of McDonalds at Baken Park. I was only 10 years old. It was a scary place to be in and a lot of lives were lost. At 10 years old, I was not good back then. I lost family, friends in the 1972 Flood, etc. A lot of people were afraid of their life because it happened so fast they didn't know what hit them. My dad was in it. I lost him after the Flood because he drowned in it. He was buried under the mud and silt. But I survived in it. It's not a good thing to be in. And I hope we don't have another like that again in my lifetime to go through. I do not [think] I can survive another one again. I'm 46 no. It was a tragic thing to go through.



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