Phil Schwarting


Written Memory


June 9, 2011


Stevens High School Band Concert

Phil Schwarting: " I was in school RCHS 72. Announcement for possible flooding was possible. My mother father and I left and went home over the 32nd Street bridge past Baken Park. I heard on my CB radio the dam had busted. I heard them say "We need boats on Baken Park," then "What do we do with all these people at Baken Park? The morgue is full." "Tie them down. We'll get them in morning."

My mother worked with Red Cross at the old site, now the Dahl Fine Arts Center, Quincy and 7th, old city auditorium.

I worked with the neighborhood youth corps, cleaning flood houses and yards for $2.30 an hour.

I remember Meade St. flood 1-2 weeks later.

Lost 1 dog in flood.



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