Loree Crawford


Written Memory


January 25, 2013


Originally from Hot Springs SD, my mother had re-married and we moved to Anchorage AK in May 1972. I was in 7th grade. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Rapid City in a trailer court behind Taco Johns and Family Thrift Center off of Campbell St. My grandparents lived in Hill City and while we were driving in our car I had heard, Rapid City Flood Disaster - hundreds of people missing! My mom was driving and learning Anchorage and dismissed my comment to the radio announcement - when we arrived to our home - the news had film clips of the horrible flood of RC - showing the debris of cars in front of Baken Park - my mom and new stepfather were immediately concerned . . . for we heard that Pactola Reservoir had failed/burst and flooded all of RC! Many hours of watching/listening to news and trying to contact family went by - but all were accounted for! Much later, in Sept. 1975 I met and later married Doug Crawford - a survivor of RC Flood.



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