Vogt, Rosemary (Tolzien)


BIRTH 30 Aug 1930
Clark County, South Dakota, USA

DEATH 9 Jun 1972 (aged 41)
Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, USA

Highland Cemetery
Glasgow, Valley County, Montana, USA


Rosemary Tolzien Vogt was born August 30, 1930 in South Dakota to Lawrence Tolzien and Marion Davison Tolzien. In the 1930 census Marion Tolzien is 16 years old and living with her parents in Clark county SD but Lawrence is not with her, this was in April of 1930.

By 1932 the family had moved to Glasgow Montana where her siblings were born.
She was survived by her husband in Rapid City, her parents in Glasgow Montana and two brothers Willard Richard Tolzien and Larry Budd Tolzien in Montana. She was predeceased by a sister Margaret in Montana.

Rosemary was buried in Glasgow Montana.

From an article in the Glasgow Montana paper this is what happened to Rosemary.

It indicates her father Pete was in Glasgow Mt at the time of the flood.

On the night of the flood Rosemary, her husband and another couple were sitting in a car waiting for the rain to stop when a security officer urged them to evacuate the area. A wall of water pushed the trailer house in front of the car blocking their exit. The foursomes stepped out of the car and were swept away by the current.

Pete Vogt was carried by the flood waters to an upended truck braced against a tree where he was able to maintain a position of safety on top the truck. The other couple was found alive although the man is reported seriously injured.

No trace had been found or Rosemary a the time of the article, pictures had been taken of her wedding ring which matched her husband's,in an attempt to identity her when she was found.

Rosemary's husband was in the Air Force he was stationed at the time at Ellsworth AFB. Rosemary had spent most of the last four year years in Rapid City but had returned to Glasgow to work during brief periods when her husband was assigned to other duty stations.





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