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Stan Blum supervised clean-up crews in the West Boulevard area and helped get 43 Black Hills area bridges rebuilt.

Gregory lost both his parents the evening of the Flood when they were hit by a wall of water on their way to work at Meadowood Bowling Lanes. He and his two younger brothers survived.

Pam's husband Dave was one of only two survivors that gathered together in the attic of a home in Jackson Park the evening of June 9. The nine included Dave, Dave's father Roland "Babe" Baumberger, Burton Millett, Sheila Heaton and the Sampsill…

Vern Bauer was on duty as a patrolman with the Rapid City Police Department the night of the flood. His assignment was the west side of Rapid City.

Hiland recounts his flood experiences as groundskeeper for the Sioux San hospital.

Linda and Gary Anderson evacuated from trailer home that later floated away. Discuss aftermath of flood, including looting that took place.

Matthew L. Crowder, 14. He perished with his father and one brother. He was survived by his mother, one brother and one sister. His body was never found.

Dr. Richard B. Crowder, 51. A neurosurgeon in Rapid City. He perished with two sons. He was survived by his wife, one son and one daughter. Buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Rapid City, SD.

Lance A. Cummings, 6 months. He lived at 321 New York Street. He was torn from his father’s grip and perished along with his 2 ½ year old sister. He was survived by his father and mother. Buried along with his sister in the Martin Community Cemetery,…

SDOHP492 - Winter, Milo.pdf
[Northeast quarter, southwest quarter, southeast quarter, section 32, township 2 north, range 7 east] View of Canyon Lake, 8 a.m., June 10; Locating German students who had been on a band tour; Description of damage in Dark Canyon.

SDOHP0515 - Walch, Donald.pdf
Rain about 8:30 p.m. near Mt. Rushmore and Keystone; Attempts to rescue people about 11:30, vicinity of Woodland Drive, June Court; Trapped by water for about three hours near Bennett-Clarkson Hospital; Gave people refuge in his church; Comments on…

SDOHP0557 - Theye.pdf
[Northeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 18, township 1 north, range 7 east] Rain in Dark Canyon evening of June 9; Rising water; Evacuation to hill behind cabin; Falling rocks and mudslides; Floating propane tanks; Water began to recede about…

SDOHP487 - Taylor, James.pdf
[Northwest quarter, northeast quarter, southeast quarter, section 8, township 2 south, Mt. Rushmore Geological Survey Map] Weather conditions in Rapid City area afternoon of June 9; Unsuccessful attempt to reach Echo Valley from Keystone…

SDOHP0619 - Swanson.pdf
Director of Urban Renewal; Appointed June 30, 1972; Plan submitted to HUD August 25, 1972; Contracts signed November 1, 1972; Appraisals of houses began December, 1972; Relocations of home owners and renters; Plans for parkway, restoration of Canyon…

SDOHP0572 - St. Pierre, Lloyd.pdf
[Northwest quarter, northwest quarter, section 10, township 1 north, range 7 east] Chairman of Pennington County Commission; Rise of water around home; He and four members of his family took refuge in a poplar tree about 11 p.m.; Rescued by neighbor…

SDOHP0576 - Shoener.pdf
Circulation Manager, Rapid City Journal; Observation of water at 5th, 6th and 7th Street bridges and West Boulevard bridge about 10:15 p.m., June 9; Flood warnings; Flood waters in area of New York and 6th Street about 12:30 a.m. and rescue work in…

SDOHP0545 - Scott, Howard.pdf
[Northwest quarter, northwest quarter, section 10, township 1 north, range 7 east] Observation of waters in creek at 32nd Street about 9 p.m.; Rise of water on West St. Ann St.; Evacuated home; Observations of water and damage when he returned to…

SDOHP0522 - Schoenhard.pdf
[Southeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 8, township 1 north, range 7 east] Damage to homes in Braeburn Addition; Home knocked off foundation and moved about 70 feet; Experiences of neighbors

SDOHP0552 - Riemenschneider.pdf
[Northwest quarter, southeast quarter, section 3, township 1 north, range 7 east] Rapid rise of water about 11 p.m.; Flooding of home; Spent 1 1/2 hours in boat outside home; Water coming from down Woodland Drive toward creek; Damage to home;…

SDOHP0620 - Repstein.pdf
Field officer, State Civil Defense; Arrived in Rapid City on Sunday, June 11; Not enough officials in Emergency Operations Center on Saturday and Sunday; Importance of Civil Defense training; Low priority of Civil Defense on federal and local levels.
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