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Laura was 13 when she and her family came to visit Mt. Rushmore while on vacation from Arcola, VA. It had been two weeks since the Flood and was a rainy cold week. A Park Ranger told them because of road closures it was 116 miles from Mt. Rushmore to…

Bert's father, stepmother, stepsister and stepgrandmother were forced to the attic of their home the evening of June 9 because of rising floor waters. Bert's father was the only survivor.

Mary & Bill Cress describe their experiences the night of the flood.

Gail was eight years old and living with her family on Thunderhead Falls Road the evening of the Flood. When the water came rushing in their basement the family was forced to take refuge on a hillside. They were able to return to their badly damaged…

Michael was 18 the evening of the Flood when the 1962 Chevy panel truck he had just refurbished stalled in the fast moving water on Omaha Street. He and a group of others eventually made it to a roof where Michael describes the fires, buildings and…

Millie, her husband, their three children and two young German music students they were hosting were stuck in the Flood while evacuating the Dieter home. They were swept in different directions leaving Millie and her eight year old daughter,…

JoAnn, her Mother and Father and the Collins family of five spent the evening of the Flood on the roof of their business, Black Hills Egg Producers. Friday was normally a distribution day for the business and the coolers were full of thousands of…

Leon Fenhaus Ed Lee Barb Lee.mp3
Leon Fenhaus, Barb Lee, and Ed Lee's recollections of the 1972 Black Hills Flood. Recorded at Rapid City Public Library during the 50th Anniversary event.

Bonnie Fingerhut shares her experiences working as a nurse in the aftermath of the Flood.

Robin Fischer worked for the United States Civil Service and was a National Guardsman. He spent the night of June 9th rescuing people stranded by the flood waters.

Norma Jean, her Father, sister and brother lived behind Fischer Furniture in a mobile home park the evening of the Flood. They floated in their mobile home for four blocks before hitting a retaining wall followed by a vehicle crashing through the…

The Flood overtook their rented cabin. Kim was swept downstream - he recounts his efforts to return to the cabin and his wife.

Jack Getz was a Rapid City Journal reporter; he and Joan, his wife, lived within a block of Rapid Creek.

Jay Harris.mp3
Jay Harris' recollection of the 1972 flood. Recorded during the 50th Anniversary event at Rapid City Public Library.

Melissa was nine years old at the time of the flood and lived on Tepee Street.

Bill Hauser.mp3
Bill Hauser's recollection of the 1972 flood. Recorded during the 50th Anniversary event at Rapid City Public Library.

Kevin and his father helped others the evening of the Flood. Their family lost their two-story white home that evening. After numerous moves in various trailers they were finally able to settle again in a home in Rapid Valley where his mother still…

Mabel owned Dick's Drive-In, located on Canyon Lake Drive, near Canyon Lake Dam which failed during the flood.

Pat Hoffman describes her experience living in Keystone at the time of the flood.
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