Costello, Annette Rose (Hodek)


Annette R. Costello, 78, widow. Her late husband, Al Costello, was a local businessman and owned a brewery for a time. She lived at 411 Bennan Street, with Rapid Creek in her backyard. She refused to leave her home despite the pleas from her family and friends, expecting things to be not as bad as predicted. She was survived by two sons, Kenneth and Richard Costello, and a grand-daughter, Saundra Jean Costello-Fleming. Kenneth Costello worked the days prior to the flood, sand-bagging local schools and businesses. He was found by rescuers holding on to a tree in the swift water, not knowing at the time that he had lost his mother in the flood. Having lost everything, Kenneth relocated to Arkansas where his daughter Saundra lived. Annette Costello is buried in the Mount Calvary Cemetery, Rapid City, SD.





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