Patrick Grimm


Written Memory


Here is the story of a boy. I came to the Black Hills to live with my father for a summer, I was 10 years old. It was beautiful. My dad had 20 acres and was building a house in the Nemo area (Schroder Road).

Back then there were 10 families in a 5 mile radius – Now 100 Plus (exaggeration) I hate that. Anyway this boy and his brother came up the hill to meet me. They were moving like they were in combat that was so cool. I stepped outside to meet them. The boy was bigger than life; never had I met such a person, so grown up, so polite, so friendly. Made me feel I was liked, just like that. He came from a big family of 3 or 4 sisters I think, and 2 brothers and him. The flood came right through our land and then his. He gets all his sisters and brother David up the hill on high ground in the barn. The boy and my best friend Kike and his other brother got the livestock up the hill also. Then water takes them down, a tree is near enough, he puts my best friend and his brother up in a tree and saves their life, as for him, he was gone. That boy was Bill Allbright, “Eagle Boy Scout.”

Mother – Janet Allbright

Father – Chuck Allbright



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