Sharon Patterson


Written Memory


June 10, 2009


I stood on Chapel Lane the nite of June 9, ’72 – helped remove people, kids from area – one camper in campground was a young boy babysitting 2 small children – their motor home was surrounded by water, the electrical supply under water. I had only owned the Canyon Lake Guest Ranch for 5 years and wasn’t completely familiar to how the Creek and lake was affected by rain. We cleared out our area on South side of lake and spent the nite at the Chapel in the Hills.

At calling the Canyon Lake Park Manager, he informed me that he had someone up at the gates, but they were slow to open. I had roped my campground picnic tables to a tree. They were strung out like a string of fish, afterward. One of my tenters didn’t even return for her tent. With the bridge out I trucked several seniors up and over the hill to the rest home by the golf course – not really over a road – none existed, just a fire trail with trees grown up in it. A Waggoner with 4 guys in it, (and a bottle of alcohol energy) rescued several people in the area. They crossed the water flow from Red Rock Canyon – several were on a roof nearby. Most of our damage on our cabins was from Red Rock Canyon, even though we had Lake Frontage.

Couldn’t see too much after dark, just when the lightning would light up the sky. All sorts of debris was swirling on the lake. The noise was frightening. Most of the motel located by the bridge was knocked loose by other buildings floating by. Many reservations were cancelled and business was not good that year.

We were happy we weren’t counted in the 238.

Thank the Lord!!

Sharon Patterson



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