Sharlene and Sheridan Quilt


Written Memory


June 15, 2012


We were married July 26, 1971. Sheridan's parents lived in 510 New York St. since 1950.

Due to personal issues, I had left June 6, 1971 so I did not experience the flood but I returned afterwards to see the house we lived in, gone.

Sheridan had said his mother and him took shelter up on Haines, at a church. Their place was also gone. Sheridan does not remember too much to contribute, I feel sad just thinking about the devastation I saw, the smell of mud.

I have a few pictures of the house and the area we lived.

My mother-in-law, Bertha Quilt passed away in 2000, her husband passed away in 1971, Daniel D. Quilt Jr.

After all these years, Sheridan and I remained together, we've had two precious sons, Dan Quilt and Randy Quilt, they remain in the area, are married and we have two grandkids, Dru and Izabelle.



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