RoMona Wilson


Written Memory


September 22, 2015


My father Dick Wilson was Oglala Sioux tribal President. We were spending weekend (at Howard Johnson's Motel I-90). I was about 16 years old. He helped by ordering semis of fresh drinking water utilizing the Bureau of Indian Affairs equipment from Pine Ridge. Vans from tribal programs were utilized to transport bodies to Pine Ridge (if Native Oglala) or any mortuary. My friend Darylynn Steele was with us and had to ride back to Pine Ridge in a van of dead bodies with Tote Richards driving because she was to be leaving on bus to Upward Bound USD the next morning and my father was needed here to help.

It was like death in the air - silent, few people out, foggy, spooky, or eerie. The only place to get food was Truck Stop East on I-90 and it was packed - long lines, a waitress had been up 24 hours. A lot more to tell.



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