Written Memory


February 14, 2011


My family and I lived in Nemo Canyon. The night of the storm my mother asked my brothers and I to help get some of our animals to higher ground as the creek bed behind our house was flooding. My father out of town, my oldest sister in Rapid City with a friend and my dear mother trying to save everything and keep us safe. I got bound up in fencing and went with the rising water until I could get to land 1/2 mile later. "Billy" my brother told me to go to the neighbor's house as I was on the other side of the water and he went after my youngest brother Michael. Billy was able to swim to mike and push him farther up into a tree, but lost his grip in the push. His body was found days later under a bridge in Rapid City. He was given his Eagle Scout badge posthumously but deserved so much more. This was also the time I realized my father was "human" when I saw him cry at his funeral. We will never forget you Billy, nor your love of the outdoors and scouting. Yes--bad storms still bring back that night, but not my dear brother. To William Dean Albright- a very missed and much loved member of our family.



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