Written Memory


September 22, 2015


Upstairs in Genny's Garter Bar playing music for small audience. LARGE raindrops - each one, spaced widely, like a bucket!! Quit early, spent night on Skyline watching lightning.

In A.M. - walked up to Skyline in fog, west side looked like a sadder war zone. In sunny afternoon, walked through Canyon Lake, huge piles of debris - 20 ft. tall, stereo speakers resting on top. Displaced ducks and ducklings, lake bed mud carved by current.

In West McDonalds area when false reports of Pactola breakage broadcast by police. Lots of helicopters.

Met with friends who had lost parents. Even though I had lost a parent a few years earlier, I was strangely less empathetic with them, who were obviously in shock.

Regret my lack of consoling them better.



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