Jude Edelman


Written Memory


January 23, 2013


I was writing out wedding invitations (my husband and I were married June 25, 1972) and he called to tell me there was flooding in Rapid City. I told him "There's always flooding there" but he told me it was serious. As the day went on, the news became worse and worse. By evening, we knew that my grandparents, Jake and Lucy Schweigman, had been killed. My dad, Walt Comer, volunteered his fiberglass canoe for rescue. He lived on Star Hill, so he was okay.

After our wedding, my husband and I drove up here and were overwhelmed with the scenes. I still have the newspaper that was issued the day we were here. My grandma had written to my sister about how afraid she was of storms. I cried during your film for my grandparents.



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