Joann Johnson


Written Memory


June 11, 2009


My sister had just moved to Rapid City right behind Rapid creek...a neighbor came over to tell us there was a flood and to get out...of course not knowing the town....we had no idea where to go...first we went to the landlord's house then when we saw cars floating by we made a run for it in waist high water.....driving to the highest point we could find by a church....listening to all the cries all night watching the family in Huron had no idea if we were alive till we got thru to them....when we finally got to my sister's house it was like someone had taken a saw and cut the whole middle of the floor out...we found some friends to stay with but then when they said Pactola dam was going to go we left town on the only road was a I never want to many lives much destruction....
My name is Joann Johnson...Huron,s.dak



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