Herbert Higgs


Written Memory


June 16, 2009


I lived in Sturgis at that time and worked nights for Homestake Mine. The trip to work that night I got stopped by the Highway Trooper for speeding between Strugis and Lead. I later learned that he was stuck between 2 washed out bridges. The frist thing I heard when I went to go home was on KOMA radio that there was more then 200 dead in Sturgis and many missing in Rapid City. As my mother lived on the creek in Sturgis I thought that she had died. I drove down the street when I got home and the water was out in the street from the creek with the house between the street and the creek. The next day I drove to the street and could not drive down because of the washed out on the street. My name is Herbert Higgs of Sweetwater, OK



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