Glen Pullins


Written Memory


July 19, 2010


June 9th 1972 dawned like many others before. I had a ball game that afternoon at the Pony League fields just down the road from Sioux Sanitarium, next to Rapid Creek, as I remember it was a hot muggy day not the normal day we normally get in June. Road my bike to the ball field. I lived in West Rapid across the street from Pinedale Elementary. As I passed West Junior high the sky darkened I think this was around 3 p.m. I got to the field and the coach called the game as reports were coming in of heavy rains in the hills and it was starting at the fields. Didn’t know then how things were going to change that night. I got home ok a little wet but ok. Can’t help but think of Matt Crowder we played on the same team called the Pontiac’s had met him in Mr. Larsen English class the previous school year and here we were playing on the same team. This was the last time I would ever see Matt I don’t know if he made it home as he lost his life that night and they never did find him fact is if I remember correctly his entire family was lost excepting his mother who was out of town. His house was in Cleghorn Canyon area just west of Canyon Lake.

Two hundred thirty eight people lost there lives that night and thousands have been touched by this torrent of pain etched that was June 9th, 1972.

That Night in 72

It was a stormy night in seventy two,
The rains they fell and the winds blew,
O know one knew throughout this night,
That death would be so manys plight.
Help was a call that was heard so often,
In some peoples mind it will not be forgotten.

For the morning after was so dreary and grey,
I’m thankful to god to be alive today.
The river had swollen and had taken life,
And for those who were left it caused toil and strife.
For some the horrors of the night before,
Lay everlasting out there own back door.

may they all find peace.



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