Carrie Suthern


Written Memory


October 6, 2015


I was 12 and my sister Mary Swanson was 11. We were babysitting when the water hit us. I lost my sister and the 2 babies I was watching that night. It's in my mind always. Tim helped my on the old Laundrymart until I went home with a fire fighter. I'd love to sit down and tell you what it was like as a child. I wanted to help my sister so bad but God wanted her home. The wall of water that hit us was like no other I have ever seen. My mother thought she had lost me but it was her. I'm the one who helped find my sister and got to see first hand all the lives that were lost. My mother was never the same. I'll never forget Rapid Creek that night. But it was a sad time for Rapid.



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