Boyt and Theresa Young


Written Memory


June 29, 2012


We were married June 9, 1972 at Burke, SD and came to Rapid City, SD for our honeymoon. As we drove into the city a very black cloud hung over an area "just ahead" and it was pretty dark in the rest of the area and out to where we were coming into town.

My husband had some cabins in mind where he wanted to stay but being country kids wasn't sure exactly where they were and as the rain started to pour we decided to take a hotel. The TV said Rapid Creek was flooding, however growing up next to the Missouri River we weren't overly concerned.

The next morning the water quit in the shower and the stool wouldn't flush-just what kind of place did we get??

But as we started out to visit some relatives in just three short blocks we ran into mud all over the streets and pavement turned up and then cars in piles and sitting on end and trees dripping with junk. Later we found "the cabins," we would have lost the car for sure had we stayed there and then it would have just depended on which cabin one was in...I took pictures till I ran out of film. We were unable to leave town for three days. The saddest thing was as we left there were people sitting on the bridges and, of course, we knew they were watching for bodies. My husband says we started in rocky waters but we were indeed the lucky ones.



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