Written Memory


October 7, 2010


The night of the flood, we had just gotten home from bowling at Gateway Bowling Alley, We heard that the dam had broke and to expect SOME flooding. I remember that it had been raining all day so we thought that maybe it would be just curb high. Boy, were we wrong. Our house sat on the corner of Omaha and Brennen.
Being pregnant with my oldest and my husband away in California with the Guards I was staying with my parents and had gone to bed early, My mom woke me up saying that we were flooded and showed me where the water was lapping at our back door. We didn't get any water in the house, We were the lucky ones. Our neighbor lost a great majority of her AKC Registered Pekinese. Our neighbors further down got caught in their car right at our corner, so they wadded to our place and waited out the night with us.
A lot of people lost alot and we lost nothing. Thank God for His protection.
For the longest time I could never figure out how the water could get so high on one side and just above knee level on the other. An aquantance of mine said that the house acted like a dam and the water flowed around the house, therefore being lower on the other side.



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