Dorrance Dusek



[Southeast quarter, northwest quarter, section 9, township 1 north, range 7 east] Unsuccessful attempt to evacuate home about 10:30 p.m.- rising water stalled cars; Attempted to assist double amputee - floated to house on Franklin and 38th [ Southwest quarter, northeast quarter, section 9, range 7 east, township 1 north] ; Took refuge in house with 11 others; Rapid rise of water about�11:30, west corner of house and two people swept away; Attempted to get others in attic; North wall collapsed, Mr. Dusek swept into Franklin Street; Stopped himself by grabbing telephone wires near a house, then assisted into house by owner; Comments on physical feeling and state of mind while in water; Walked back to his home after water subsided, found family unharmed; Reasons his home was not destroyed; Rise of water after dam broke. (cf. MS 516, MS 548)�


SD Oral History Center


June 27, 1972


John Watterson


SD Oral History Center, “Dorrance Dusek,” Flood of 1972, accessed January 17, 2021,