William A Hixson



[Southeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 8, range 7 east, township 1 north] Rise of water in Rapid Creek, Braeburn Addition; Evacuation from home about 10 p.m.; Rise of water on Riverdell Drive while evacuating mother and stepfather; Mr. Hixson and his mother swept away, took refuge in a house; Mr. Hixson re-entered water to rescue wife, swept away, took refuge in a tree and then on roof of a house; Rescue at 4 a.m. by a neighbor; Observation of water and debris; Depth of water; Damage to home; Deaths and destruction in Braeburn Addition; Desire to continue living in Braeburn Addition; Attitudes of people stranded on roof; Comments on looters.


July 12, 1972


Stephen Ward



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