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SDOHP0581 - Dusek.pdf

SDOHP0505 - Dieter.pdf
Temporary housing following flood - private homes and HUD trailer; Served on Citizens' Committee for Urban Renewal; Procedure of acquisition of home by Urban Renewal; Decision to purchase new home instead of moving former home; Purchase of new lot;…

SDOHP0523 - Deisch.pdf
[Southeast quarter, southeast quarter, section 6, township 1 north, range 7 east] Forced to return to Rapid City from Girl Scout campout at Robaix Lake because of rain - difficulties encountered in driving back; Description of rainfall and estimation…

SDOHP0547 - Corwin.pdf
[Southeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 8, township 1 north, range 7 east] Home flooded by water in short period of time; Mr. Corwin in attic when house broke up, clung to piece of roof; Swept down creek, circled Canyon Lake three times, went…

SDOHP0588 - Cannon, Loucks, Lundeen, Wilson.pdf
Operations Officer, Pennington County Civil Defense; Went to office about 8 p.m., June 9 because of reports of flooding outside Rapid City; Monitored calls on Fire Department and Street Department radios to assess situation; Set up Emergency…

SDOHP0509 - Mr. & Mrs. Bruns.pdf
[Southwest quarter, northeast quarter, section 9, township 1 north, range 7 east] Rise of water; Escaped to attic where roof collapsed; Floated downstream in inner tubes; Mr. Bruns stranded in a tree and Mrs. Bruns on debris; Rescue and subsequent…

SDOHP0544 - Bice.pdf
[Southeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 8, township 1 north, range 7 east] Rapid rise of water in Braeburn Addition; Evacuation of Bice family and neighbors; Observation of flood waters and destruction in Braeburn Addition; Personal…

SDOHP0548 - Beaudette.pdf
[Southeast quarter, northwest quarter, section 9, township 1 north, range 7 east] Evacuated home about 10:30 p.m., swept away by flood waters; Sons took refuge in house which was destroyed - eldest escaped to roof of another house, youngest climbed…

SDOHP0952 - Barnett.pdf
Mayor of Rapid City; Notification of possible high water; Preparation by police, public works employees; Observed situation at Canyon Lake Dam several times; Evacuation of Canyon Lake Park approximately 9:45 p.m.; Phone call from above Rapid City…

Tammara Cummings Photo.jpg
Tamara was born to Arnold Cummings and Joyce Cline Cummings. The family lived at 321 New York Street in Rapid City.

The story in the newspaper was that she was torn from her mother's arms by the flood waters after the family was awakened by water…

Durwin Davidson, 5. A young boy. He lived with his parents in the Box Elder area. He was survived by his parents, one brother and two sisters. Buried in the Black Hills National Cemetery.

Agnes Detwiler Photo.png
Agnes Pletcher Detwiler , was born June 30, 1914 in Westmoreland County PA to, Wallace Pletcher and Mary Beltz Withrow Pletcher.

In the 1920 census the family is in Donegal Westmoreland County PA and includes besides Agnes siblings: Margaret, Iva…

Erma L. Dick, 50. She was from Pierre and was visiting an aunt who lived near the Baken Park Shopping Center. They both perished in the flood. She was survived by three sons and two daughters. Buried in the Ricelake Cemetery, Delavan, MN.

Dr. Lowell Dieter, 40. He was the associate professor in the department of chemistry at the School of Mines. He and his wife were hosting German Band members in their home when they were forced to evacuate. He and his daughter, Patricia, were swept…

Patricia H. Dieter, 8. She was swept from her mother saying, “Mommy my feet aren’t touching the ground anymore.” She was survived by her mother, one brother and one sister.

Gwendolyn R. Dietzel. A baby living with her parents on West St. Louis Street. She was survived by her parents. Buried in the Chapel Hill Garden South Cemetery in suburban Cook County, Illinois.

Thomas Doherty Photo.jpg
Thomas P Doherty was born March March 3, 1954 in Minneaplis to Robert Doherty and Elenor Brown. He had just graduated from Robbinsdale High School in St Paul MN. Thomas was with five friends a the Miner Motel in Keystone when Battle Creek…

Joni Rodriques Duchenaux, 2. A young child that perished. She was survived by her parents. Buried in the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery, Laplant, SD.

Harold R. Elliott, 62. He was the president of A.B. Welding and Dakota Welding Supply. He was survived by his wife and four sons. Buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Rapid City.

Ena Ellison Grave.jpg
Ena Ellison was born August 24, 1881 at Stuart Nebraska to Samuel Ellison and Elizabeth Uknown. She came with them to Pennington County in 1890. She never married. She was a grade school teacher in Custer, Pennington in the 1920's, and Meade…
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