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Dr. Lindly shares his views as Superintendent of Schools at the time, and Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

Millie, her husband, sister and brother-in-law got stuck in the flood waters when their Jeep stalled. A student from South Dakota Mines and Technology got them in his station wagon. They then had to climb to the roof of the car and on to various…

Nancy's grandmother lived in a small log cabin by Baken Park. The evening of the Flood she was evacuated by Nancy's brother-in-law, Joe. Her grandmother lost all of her belongings that evening and eventually relocated to Faith, South Dakota.

Audrey and Patricia were isolated by the flood in their home near the Cleghorn fish hatchery. They also discuss the flood's effect on Rapid City.

David spent the evening of June 9 at the Harney Peak Ranch in Rapid Valley.

James Kuehn, Vice President and Editor of the Rapid City Journal at the time of the flood in 1972, tells his story of that night and the efforts of the Rapid City Journal for the weeks following the tragedy.

Margaret Kovarik, a retired nurse, shares her story of helping the DCI and managing incoming phone calls.

Margaret King discusses the devastation of the flood in the area near Meadowbrook Golf Course - including its impact on family, visitors & neighbors.

Darol's brother, Jamie Johnson, was visiting a friend below Canyon Lake the evening of the Flood. His family learned two days later that Jamie had died that evening. Darol who was 11 years old in 1972, moved with his mother, father and sister to San…

Murman Jensen talks about the role her husband, Lionel Jensen, played in the relief effort of the 1972 flood.

William Hough tells his story of escaping the flood waters with his five year-old son and how the events of June 9 have stayed with his family.

Pat Hoffman describes her experience living in Keystone at the time of the flood.

Mabel owned Dick's Drive-In, located on Canyon Lake Drive, near Canyon Lake Dam which failed during the flood.

Kevin and his father helped others the evening of the Flood. Their family lost their two-story white home that evening. After numerous moves in various trailers they were finally able to settle again in a home in Rapid Valley where his mother still…

Melissa was nine years old at the time of the flood and lived on Tepee Street.

Jack Getz was a Rapid City Journal reporter; he and Joan, his wife, lived within a block of Rapid Creek.

The Flood overtook their rented cabin. Kim was swept downstream - he recounts his efforts to return to the cabin and his wife.

Norma Jean, her Father, sister and brother lived behind Fischer Furniture in a mobile home park the evening of the Flood. They floated in their mobile home for four blocks before hitting a retaining wall followed by a vehicle crashing through the…
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