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Clara Atwater, 89. She was a resident of Clarkson Mt. View Rest Home at the time of her death. She was survived by six sons. Buried in the Pine Lawn Cemetery.

Audrey and Patricia were isolated by the flood in their home near the Cleghorn fish hatchery. They also discuss the flood's effect on Rapid City.

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Raymond Back was born 23 Sept 1904 in Chicago Illinois, to Joseph and Margaret (Prosser) Back.

He was raised in Redwood, MN and came to Rapid City in 1925 from Douglas, Wyoming where his family lived. He married Verna Minton September 19,1928 in…

James H. Baldwin, Sr., 76. He owned and operated a locker plant. He lived on Canyon Lake Drive at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife and one son. Buried in the Pine Lawn Cemetery.

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Mary Blanch Criveau Balsley was born 20 May 1908 at East Grand Forks Polk County MN to John Cariveau and Clarise Clara Bouschee Cariveau.

She was married to Herman Balsley 12 July 1926 in North Dakota. They lived for a time in the early 1930's in…

Barb Mechaley Wicks.mp3
Barb Mechaley Wicks' recollection of the 1972 flood. Recorded during the 50th Anniversary event at Rapid City Public Library.

Written Memory

Written Memory

Written Memory

Daisy E. Barber, 82, a widow from Wicksville, SD. She was visiting her sister in the Braeburn Addition where she perished. She was survived by three sons and two daughters. Buried in the Wicksville Lakeside Cemetery.

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Henry A. Bauch, Jr., 27. He was employed by a Vending Machine Company. He arrived in Rapid City from Burkburnett, TX, one year before the flood. He with his wife, Valerie, perished when hit by a wall of water while in their car. He was survived by…

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Valerie (Weddington) Bauch, 26. She arrived in Rapid City with her husband one year before the flood. She perished with her husband, Henry, by being swept away in their car after being hit by a wall of water. She was survived by one son, one…

Roland J. Baumberger, 50. He owned and operated Flowers by Leroy until his death. He was survived by his wife and one son, David. Buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Henry K. Beberger, 87, Montrose, SD. He was residing in a Rapid City nursing home at the time of his death. He was survived by a number of nephews and nieces from Montrose area. Buried in the St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Montrose, SD.

Elmer Bendert, 66. He was employed as a carpenter at the Robbins and Sterns Lumber Co. He lived in Jackson Park and he and others went to higher ground for safety, but perished when he went back to his house to answer a ringing phone. He was survived…

Bert's father, stepmother, stepsister and stepgrandmother were forced to the attic of their home the evening of June 9 because of rising floor waters. Bert's father was the only survivor.

Betty worked at Erickson's Flower Box and recalls every morning day after day driving through flood debris to get to work. She arranged six to seven flower casket pieces a day as they were the only flower shop open for some time.

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[Southwest quarter, southwest quarter, section 35, township 2 north, range 7 east] Home flooded shortly after Canyon Lake Dam broke; Mrs. Flanagan, her husband and daughter floated on a mattress until 6:30 a.m.; All houses around them were destroyed;…

Written Memory

Mary & Bill Cress describe their experiences the night of the flood.
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