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David Moore returned to Rapid City after the flood to help his parents and was involved in post-flood rebuilding efforts.

Dawne recounts her memories of her father who was involved in the rescue efforts.

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Dean Long was serving in the Air Force and used a boat to rescue numerous people the morning after the devastating flood of June 1972.

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Deborah Kuehn had finished work and was home at her parents’ the night of June 9, 1972. Her mother, Yvonne was working at Bennett-Clarkson hospital that night, and her father, Jim, was vice president and co-editor of the Rapid City Journal, and was…

"The whole night was horrifying," is how Delbert describes the evening of the Flood. He helped rescue others, including using a wheelbarrow to save his Grandfather from the rushing waters in Dark Canyon. Delbert's family lost everything, but he was…

DelRita Schouten had lost her home and everything inside it to the flood. She now lives on a hill.

DelRita Schouten.mp3
DelRita Schouten's recollection of the 1972 flood. Recorded during the 50th Anniversary event at Rapid City Public Library.

The day after the Flood, Derald and a neighbor launched Derald's boat in Box Elder Creek and were able to rescue a 12-year-old boy that had been clinging to a tree the entire evening. They also found five people stranded on the roof of a house and…

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Derek Leonard's recollection of the 1972 flood. Recorded during the 50th Anniversary event at Rapid City Public Library.

Don was 16 the night of the Flood. His family's mobile home park lost 30-40 trailers that evening. His father was in Canada and knew nothing of the Flood or his ruined business until a float plane landed at the lake in Canada where he was fishing and…

Donald was visiting a fellow retired military friend at his home near Meadowbrook Golf Course the evening of the Flood. He and his friend were in the basement trying to keep things from getting wet when their wives called from upstairs and said, "The…

Donna was the bookmobile librarian and working at the library the day of the Flood. She remembers walking outside with Helen Hoyt and them both commenting on the black sky to the West. Her son who had just returned from Vietnam helped with the…

Dr. Lindly shares his views as Superintendent of Schools at the time, and Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

Mr. Parker was owner/operator of Marv's Wrecker Service in Rapid City and was personally involved in several rescues.

An evening of entertainment by Canyon Lake became an evening of terror. Claire and Frankie helped with radio communications.

Gail was eight years old and living with her family on Thunderhead Falls Road the evening of the Flood. When the water came rushing in their basement the family was forced to take refuge on a hillside. They were able to return to their badly damaged…

Linda and Gary Anderson evacuated from trailer home that later floated away. Discuss aftermath of flood, including looting that took place.

Gary describes the Flood as being a spiritual event. The evening of the Flood he was in his VW car with the turn signal blinking left to go to Charlie Browns in Baken Park. For some reason he turned off the signal and decided to try to make it home…

Gary and Carole Sisson were out to dinner with friends when they cut their evening short to return home where their children were with a babysitter. Unable to cross the high water, they had to wait until the next day to reconnect with family.

Gerald Pringle.mp3
Gerald Pringle's recollection of the 1972 Flood. Recorded at Rapid City Public Library on June 17, 2022.
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