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SDOC Additional Interviews

The South Dakota Oral History Center has many more interviews conducted in 1972 and 1973 after the flood. We would like to share these interviews online, but require permission from the interviewees or their next of kin. If you have any information that may help us get in touch with these people, please submit your details on the Contact Us page.

These are the people we are still looking for:

Aisch, Lillian - next of kin
Albertson, Dorothea (Dorcy?)
Albertson, Sally
Alderson, Don
Allard, Ira - next of kin
Allard, Jessie - next of kin
Anderson, Paul, M.D.
Bakken, Maurice - next of kin
Bonner, Hazel
Bordeaux, Arnold
Burton, Joe - next of kin
Christian, Elmo
Christian, Lillian
Clow, Mrs. Richmond
Connor, Kerry
Crozier, Enid
Crozier, Leslie
Curry, Dean
Curry, Mary
Denkey, Gerald
Dillon, Don
Disney, Major Robert C.G.
Doty, Staff Sgt. Clifford
Doyle, Father James
Doyle, Msgr. Arthur L.
Duda, A.
Dudley, James
Duster, Lawrence - Box Elder - next of kin
Eckholm, Roger
Englebert, Fred
Evanson, Henry
Ferguson, Capt. James M.
Flood, Robert T.
Freeman, T.
Gerhardt, ?
Granum, Wayne
Gray, Elsie
Grimm, Hollis
Grimm, Marjory
Ha, Joe
Ha, Shirley
Haedt, Charles Russell
Haedt, Corrinne
Haines, Richard J.
Hanson, L.
Hayes, Edwald - next of kin
Hayes, Gladys - next of kin
Herman, Gery (Gary?)
Hibbard, Owen
Hughes, Stephen
Hughes, Susan
Huntington, Earl (next of kin)
Jensen, Alice M.
Johnson, Kenneth L.
Johnson, Sonja
Julin, James
Kaiser, Norma C.
Kelley, Robert E.
Kemp, James
Kills Spotted, Delores
Knapp, Capt. Clarence C.
Langloss, Kenneth
Lester, May
Lockhardt, James
Lockhardt, Mrs. James
Lundeen, Clifford K.
Lundy, Alan S.
Marwig, Mrs. Uwe
Mercy, Charles
Meyer, Joseph A.
Mielke, C.F.
Moore, Michael D.
O'Connor, Kerry
O'Dell, George C.
Overbeek, Jake
Palmer, Ron
Pesek, Patricia
Pesek, Richard
Peterson, Arden
Pinckney, Edward
Powell, L.
Reade, Charles
Reichert, ?
Reimer, Sydney
Roach, Samual A.
Roche, Tom
Roche, Mary
Rogers, Robert (Bob)
Rueffert, Bud
Rueffert, Mrs. Bud
Sagdalen, Betty
Sampsill, Ralph
Sexson, Clifford
Shamback, Lola
Sharpfish, Annie
Stark, Heidi
Steele, William
Steide (Steido?), Chuck
Stenson, Kay Ann
Stephenson, Ronald G. - next of kin
Stygles, Louise
Swander, Charles - next of kin
Twiss, Margie
Voss, Carolyn
Voss, John
Walker, Ethel
Watterson, John
Waukazoo, Muriel
Whitehead, Capt. James
Whitver, Pat
Whyte, Roger E.
Widdoss, Harold
Widdoss, Inez
Wilson, Allen R.
Zimmer, John